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  Windows 10 vs. Windows 11 – Comparison of Features

Windows 11, the latest version introduced in 2021, promises a fresh user interface, improved security, and better application distribution. Users are also expected to experience improvement in various apps, while gamers will enjoy a better user experience as well.

However, while the features of the new windows are being discussed, many are still wondering if an upgrade to the new operating system is even worth it. Here is a comparison of the two versions to help you learn what is new in Windows 11.

Removal of apps

For Windows 11, Microsoft has mainly focused on improving the user experience and modifying the user interface, for that matter. Therefore, most unused or redundant apps from Windows 10 have been removed, for instance, internet explorer and Cortana, etc.

System requirements

Windows 11 are capable of running smoothly on older pcs and laptops, provided they are eligible for an upgrade. However, system requirements are a little more stringent than Windows 10; for instance, Windows 11 will only run on a 64-bit PC. The other main requirement is a TPM chip; however, some users have been able to bypass this requirement as well.


Windows 11 allows users to multi-task as it enables multiple windows and desktops. The new feature is a part of Microsoft’s focus on improving user experience. Users can customize the background for each virtual desktop.

Menu and taskbar

Windows 11 have a simple start menu. Live Tiles have been removed, and widgets have been added. Additionally, a widgets pane has been embedded into the taskbar, whereby Microsoft teams have been added to the taskbar, too, enabling the quick and easy calling and chatting features.

Similarly, the file explorer no longer has ribbons, and a simple taskbar has been added for basic commands. It looks less cluttered and much cleaner.

Gaming experience

Windows 11 also promise a better gaming experience as the older games will also be available with improved graphics and quicker load timings.

Microsoft store

The Microsoft Store in the new windows has been given a new look, with improved and streamlined processes. Moreover, users can also download android apps from the store.

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