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Windows 10 - 5 Reasons To Make The Switch

The popular mantra is the newer, the better when it comes to technology. It is why when Windows 10 was launched, many businesses and individuals made the leap and opted for the upgrade. If you are still on the other side of the fence and held off upgrading your Windows, you might want to reconsider, given that Windows 10 has evolved since its launch and has become more efficient. 

If you are still debating the question, here are five reasons it may be worth your while to switch to Windows 10.

Protection against ransomware

Windows security upgrades are usually intended for the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 have been equipped with the added feature of preventing ransomware attacks while securing the user’s personal documents and their work to avoid losses.

Option of multiple desktops

Windows 10 offers users the option of multiple desktops with customizable backgrounds, windows, or icons. Individuals using one desktop may find this option very helpful, whether in a professional or personal capacity.

Option to resize apps

Windows 10 is all about improving the user experience. In addition to the option of multiple desktops, Windows 10 have also been configured to provide the option of resizing apps. This may not seem like a significant aspect to many, but users can now switch from the full-size screen option for apps to windows, which adds convenience while using multiple apps at a time.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard

To provide stronger security against malware, Windows Defender Exploit Guard has been integrated into Windows 10. It scans for malware and identifies infected computers on the network to isolate them, and sends malicious programs on your system or the network to quarantine.

Windows 10 Taskbar and start menu

Windows 10 is characterized by its high degree of customization, and it extends to the taskbar as well. It allows for a high degree of customization, increasing convenience. Additionally, the live tile functionality feature in Windows 10 start menu is another reason why the new version is so much better than the previous ones.

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